What is a Pubner?

Pecos has evolved a unique method of expanding its franchise. Every outlet of Pecos is managed by a ‘Pubner’. The Pubner is not simply a manager, but a managing partner with the company. Our Pubners are inherently entrepreneurial in nature with an excellent understanding of the Food and Beverage (F&B) business.

Pubners are generally ex F&B executives who have long nurtured the desire to own and operate their own pub. When this individual enrolls into a Pecos Pubner program they are nurtured and mentored in all aspects of F&B Retail business management. They have access to manuals and instructions for day-to-day management and are also trained in finance and accounting systems. Once trained the Pubner will intern for a few weeks in a Pub before he takes charge of his own pub. Pubners can also be family teams and it is not uncommon for us to have husband-wife, or brothers operating pubs as a team.

The economics of the pub is carefully designed to minimize financial risk to the Pubner while ensuring that he earns a handsome return. The Pubners remuneration is directly linked to the business fortunes of the pub and he immediately benefits from all increases in business. Pecos was built on the foundation of the entrepreneurial spirit of an individual. Now despite the fact that it is a large company, each pub still retains its entrepreneurial spirit through the Pubner concept.

In the past our Pubners have started with zero investment and are now millionaires.


How to become a Pubner?

Pecos is constantly open to inviting new Pubners into its family. However, it is not easy for any or everybody to be part of this very select group. A Pubner should demonstrate unblemished integrity and honesty along with a high level of technical F&B competence. In addition we also look for the capacity to for very hard work and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Pecos is not enamored by University Degrees or academic titles, neither are we swayed by references and recommendations from influential people. We believe that the traits of integrity, honesty, hard work and enterprise that we seek in a Pubner are inherent in a person’s character.

If you feel that you have the requisite experience in the F&B Industry, if you are honest and hard working and feel excited and challenged to run your own pub, write to us at!