Pecos Classic: Where it all began

Founded in 1989 this Pub is very the first in the Pecos chain and has grown to become one of India’s most iconic Retro Rock Pubs. Tucked away on Rest House Road off brigade road in the heart of the CBD of Bangalore, this pub has had generations of visitors over the decades.

It is one of the few pubs in the city that serve only beer and play music from the 60-80’s and country rock, southern blues, jazz and reggae. Much by accident rather than by design, Pecos has one of the largest retro rock collections in the city, all donated by the customers who over time have connected deeply with the pub.

This pub has created a cult following that crosses generations. On any given day people of yesteryear co exist quite happily with the ‘whatsapp’ generation of today. Each generation stakes a claim to Pecos, people have met their sweethearts who have become wives, ideas and plans were hatched here some of whom are now multi national companies.

If you were a regular in the 90’s, you will be pleased to know the pub has not changed; you still find the original concert posters in their positions, your regular place still waiting for you and even the 100 watt smile of the waiter who has missed you since your last visit (which may be 20 years ago)

Pecos was born from the music and the people; it provides a reprieve from the ultra modern lounges; it is where people go to escape for a little while into the life of Bob Marley and the Wailers, into the romance of Sir Paul, while sipping on cold bitter. For Reservations and Directions please call Srinivas Gowda on +91 96868 77666

Pecos Mojo Banaswadi


Pecos Mojo started in 2005, and was located around the corner from the original, Pecos Classic. Initially created out of necessity, this pub developed a fan following of its own. Eventually the space we had found proved to be insufficient, forcing us to look for a larger space closer to our patrons. This led us to our new home at Banaswadi.

‘A stairway to Heaven’ literally, leads you into a spacious shack themed Retro Rock Pub, that is truly one of its kind. On the walls are pictures of legends immortalised forever, along with posters of iconic concerts that were the stepping stones for many of the bands, we now call legends.

The pub oozes rock and roll, if its not from the music system, if you throw your head back you can read lyrics on the ceiling! If you are a rock and roll connoisseur, this is truly your heaven. Pecos Mojo Banaswadi can be found on Banaswadi Main Road, above MORE Supermarket.

For Directions, Reservations you may visit our page on Zomato


Contact Mr. Allan Lazaro +91 98458 69407



Pecos Stones Indiranagar

Pecos Stones (3)

Pecos Stones was created in 2007, and was located on main 100ft Road in Indiranagar, arguably the most sought after residential and commercial location in Bangalore today. At that time digital art was the rage and Stones was not going to be left behind the curve. In true digital distortion, our posters were creatively pixelated to provide a look but not loose the theme.

However, after 10 years in our home, were forced by circumstances out of our control to look for a new home for Pecos Stones. We were fortunate to find a location on 100 ft Indiranagar Main Road, right before the the 12th Main signal.

The pub is true to the original, you get the same friendly service, the same blend of retro and contemporary and the same blend of reds, greens. You are quite at home with the beer and of course, the Wailers, the Dead, and Young doing their part to make you feel alright!

For Directions and Reservations you may visit our page on Zomato or you may contact Mr. Bhaskar: +91 99865 24411

Pecos Hideout JNC – Koramangala

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Pecos Hideout is located in arguably Bangalore’s busiest F&B Destination, JNC Road Koramangala. The music and the decor are quintessential Pecos, that take dinners back to the good old days of rock and roll. The well-lit ambiance is a change, however the themes of music and beer still remain the same. This is the pub of the younger generation, but for the regulars you can still find the gods from whom Michael Learned to Rock!

PHOTO-2019-03-10-21-32-20 2

At the core of our business is the regular customer… but our regular customer is evolving with the years. Pecos Hideout hopes to capture the imagination of youth, yet provide solace to our regulars who come at the end of the day to a place they also call home.

For Directions and Reservations please call Vishwa +91 63641 44999